How to handle event refunds and billing like a boss

By March 3, 2020 Post

How to handle event refunds and billing like a boss

It’s never easy to solve event disputes, especially when you need to handle all the billing process attached to it. However, a well-thought approach can keep everything in place.

Set a refund policy


Make an effort and dedicate some time to the small lines: Define a clear refund policy and be clear about how it works. But what’s the best strategy to take?

  • With a “no refund” policy, you’ll always have the right to keep the money on your side, no matter what. However, be aware of the policies applied by gateways, which can be majorly different. Also, consider that this may be an approach that keeps several types of buyers away for a longer period of time: not everyone is willing to risk their money on an event they are not exactly sure they can go 3 months from now.
    Still, many organizers choose to have a “partial refund” or a “considered to evaluation” policy, where the company evaluates case by case if the refund should be made, totally or partially. In many cases, it’s related to the proximity of the event.
  • If you’re selling expensive tickets, another option is offering ticket insurance. Attendees can buy this in addition to tickets and coverage is based on the conditions you set.
  • You can still define costs to make refunds, where participants pay an amount to have part of their money back.

Don’t leave loose ends! No matter what your policy would be, it’s important to have it at the event description, in the email your attendees receive after purchasing and in the ticket itself.
There is event management software such as Last2Ticket that allows you to automate this process and add customized information to all the buying steps.

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Save time (and some peace of mind) on the billing process


It’s possible to streamline all the billing process for your events with the help of an event management software. It effortlessly handles the 3 main parts – deposit, invoice, and credit note.
An important part of attendee satisfaction is getting the bill fast & right – get it wrong, and it’s unlikely that a customer will book with your event again. Get it late and will start receiving a huge amount of angry calls and emails that always start with “Where the hell is my invoice?”.

Trust is everything, and efficient billing gives your business a serious advantage. Companies like Last2Ticket take away the complexity of your billing process, leaving your staff with plenty of time to do their most important work – sales.
Also, this gives you great insight into your customers, capturing data and allowing you to carry out analysis on both customers and on events.

In the mood for automate disputes & billing processes of your events?

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