How tech is changing the event management

By July 9, 2019 Post

How tech is changing the event management

It’s great when new event tech come to make our life easier, isn’t it? New technologies have improved the event processes so event organizers and public gain in comfort, safety, and agility.
How to take advantage of this can make a difference. Here are some ways to go:


1. Sell tickets online


A good example of the tech potential is selling tickets virtually. Besides being a relief when defining points of sale, the attendees today tends to opt for the convenience of online shopping.
The ability to secure a ticket through a few clicks, without having to go to a point of sale, makes the process much more agile.
Also, by purchasing tickets in advance, allows the event planner to measure the impact of the event. This can be important, for example, to ensure that the number of securities is sufficient or how much drink should be made available.

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2. Know the attendees of your event


By using internet with event registration, you get to collect helpful information about your attendees per certain event. Knowing where they live, what they do, their age, are information that help to build an efficient event marketing strategy.
Moreover, those data can always be used to communicate about other events , or to increase customer experience, For instance, you can find the customers who buy tickets the most and make special offers, which will engage your customer even more and have them recommending the event to others.

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3. Use your audience’s favorite social networks


The world today spins around the internet. So, surely, a considerable part of the public interested in the event, is online. But how to find them and communicate in a more efficient way?
The segment of your event certainly shares some kind of interest. For example, if you’re promoting a rock show, your audience is probably in communities about bands of the genre. Indeed, if it’s an engineering conference, you should keep your focus in colleges and professionals.
Once you’ve identified this group, search in the social media for hashtags or communities that bring these people together.
In most social media, by promoting a paid ad, we have settings to target the audience as accurately as possible. You can determine aspects like city, age, interests, among others, and increase the efficiency!

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A man using a tablet with notes about some event tech that can be used in event management


4. Tickets and sales applications


There is no denying that for many, cell phones offer much more services than just messages and calls. With that in mind, Last2Ticket has developed a responsive platform and apps that help (and much!) in managing your events and selling your tickets. With Last2Ticket, you can track sales performance, see the number of tickets sold or registrations, check in the participants with the QR Code, have full access to event settings and more! Get to know more here.


5. Interaction with participants


From the moment an event is created on internet, an effective means of communication between guests and the organization is opened. Thanks to this, the information arrives more quickly.
There is even the possibility of creating forms and polls, using resources from Last2Ticket event management software. Few strategies measure expectations better and allow a more accurate knowledge of the public than the research. Through this, it is also possible to create a contact list that will certainly be very useful in later events.
So by leveraging the power of new technologies you end up gaining a direct feedback channel, allowing your planning strategy to be aligned and efficient.


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