Event feedback. Event survey questions you should ask

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Event feedback. Event survey questions you should ask

Have you ever ended an event and wondered how the attendees felt? You probably have an idea of how it went, but it can differ. This is why it’s so important to gather feedback from attendees.
To help you with this, we decided to give you some tips for your post-event survey:

1. General event feedback form questions

• Overall, how do you rate the event? (Likert scale)
• Please rate the following aspects of the event: (Likert scale)
– Date and time
– Location
– Food and beverage
– Vendors
– Speakers
(This section can be changed to fit the details of your event)
• What did you like most about the event? (Open-ended question)
• What did you like least about the event? (Open-ended question)
• How do you think this event could have been improved? (Open-ended question)
• Was this the first time you attended one of our events? (Yes/No)
• Based on this experience, how likely are you to attend future events? (Likert scale)
• How likely are you to recommend our events to a friend/colleague? (Likert scale)
• How do you rate the communication throughout all process? (Likert scale)
• Do you have any other suggestions or comments to help us improve our future events? (Open-ended question)
• What additional feedback do you have? (Open-ended question)

2. Specific event feedback form questions

These questions can be altered to fit your specific event:
• In your opinion, did the event meet its objective and your expectations? (Likert scale)
• How well was the event structured? (Likert scale)
• Was there enough time for discussion? (Yes/No)
• Which things would you like to see at future events? (Open-ended question)
• How did you hear about this event? (List of choices)
• How useful did you find the information presented at the event? (Likert scale)
• Was the staff polite and helpful? (Yes/No)
• Was the speaker engaging? (Yes/No)
• Did you feel prepared coming into this event? (Yes/No, Why)
• Did you have an opportunity to ask questions during the event? (Yes/No)
• Did the event improve your skills? (Yes/No)
If you have any additional questions that you’d like to ask, add it! But remember: the longer the survey, the less likely you are to get responses.

person filling post event survey questions on mobile

3. Send the event survey questions

Once you have created your post-event survey, you have to send it, and which method you use to send the survey, can impact the answers.
If you choose to have printed surveys available at the event, be sure to have pens or pencils to complete the survey, as well as a box or some other for the surveys to be collected.
Digital forms offer great convenience, as the attendees can complete the survey at a time and place convenient to them. There are multiple online forms platforms, but something as simple as Last2Ticket is a great option and offers a very user-friendly interface.

4. Analyse and learn

The whole point of a post-event survey is to learn and act on the information you collected. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the event and gain insight on areas that need improvement. No event will go exactly as planned, but you can learn and grow!

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