5 tips for a smooth event check-in

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5 tips for a smooth event check-in

The first touchpoint of the event day is the check-in, and let’s be honest, that’s a tough one.
What’s challenging about registration is that you have to make many moving parts work together in sync. Based on our experience, we’ve developed a solution that joins the core elements of a successful check-in process for any event.

Why you should sharp your event check-in experience.

A stress-free event check-in is more than just a nice bonus. With a mix of technology and teamwork, you can get a range of crucial goals:

  •  Prevent queues
    Use advanced check-in capabilities like self-registration and automated badge printing to speed up the registration. Time is our greatest blessing, and your guests will appreciate it if you help them save some.
  •  Personalize event experiences
    Although it might seem impossible to give individual attention to all event guests within a short time period, strong tech can do real magic. You can easily segment name badges, assign seats and do last-minute changes with one just event software.
  • Reduce the paper
    Create a registration flow that doesn’t involve any paper to facilitate convenience and demonstrate your brand’s commitment to social responsibility.

5 tips to make a stress-free check-in.


1. Send check-in details in a pre-event email

Your way to a seamless check-in should start even before an event. Create an email with check-in info for attendees, and give some insights into how the process will be organized and explain the details of personal data extraction.

2. Use event software

Handling registrants’ data manually is bad manners these days. By integrating a powerful event management software into your event, you can easily sync registration data with technology. To understand how you can build this alliance across multiple processes with one toolkit, check out the Last2Ticket solutions.

3. Trained staff

Technology can handle many issues. But, there is a chance your guests might have some questions or difficulties with registration. Building a team that can respond efficiently will add a great deal of value to experiences. Your staff should understand the check-in flow, hardware configurations, and logistics as well as the use of event apps.

4. Check-in kiosks

Self-registration kiosks enable totally independent check-in without needing the assistance of staff.

5. Special vibe

Charge your check-in stage with the right vibe. From special uniforms to prizes, the list of ideas can be endless.


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