Last2Ticket featured in Euronews as a global company

By July 29, 2019 News

Last2Ticket featured in Euronews as a global company

Last2Ticket, supported by the Enterprise Europe Network, was a recent story at Euronews and was also featured in the Financial Times thanks to its rapid growth, with clients from Europe and Asia.

Customers can subscribe to the service on a monthly or yearly basis, and there are several options to suit each case. Last2Ticket provide, for example, software for a river taxi from Porto. The Euronews team went quayside to have a look and take a boat trip.

Paul Hackett, Business Planet: “Emilia, tell me, what service did you provide?”
Emilia Catarina Simões, Last2Ticket CEO: “They came to us looking for a portable real time solution, with real-time data, so at the time there wasn’t anything available on the market, so we provided this for them.”

What is Enterprise Europe Network

EEN is the world’s largest support network for small and medium enterprises. The purpose of the structure is to help companies innovate and grow internationally. Last2Ticket was one of the SMEs that benefited from the support of the European network.

“The software we provide to event companies is all-in-one. Companies can configure the event management software as they please. We are currently trying to expand the business into new markets,” said Emilia Catarina Simões, CEO and founder of Last2Ticket.

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