What every event organizer should know

By August 8, 2019 Post

What every event organizer should know

In the world of event planning and event management, success can be hard to predict. The constant challenge of reaching deadlines and solving problems that occur makes you think on your feet, makes the process exciting and gets your adrenaline flowing.
Having started an event management business in 2011, we see some mistakes we made as the best lessons we got. They changed our approach. Here are 6 things all event planner should know:


1. Event management takes more time than you think

Anything that includes people resources and coordination take longer than you think. It isn’t about getting patience, it is about being practical in your planning and management, and using the right tools to keep you on track. Don’t wait until the last minute because there are so many details in an event, and if one of those details goes wrong it can cause your entire event to crash.
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2. People may let you down

This can arise in ways you can’t even imagine, and it can range from staff making mistakes during the event to your caterer not showing up. Always trust but verify. Train and inform your team, providing everyone involved the proper information about the event.


3. Good event management professionals are hard to find

An exceptional, well-rounded event organizer can be tough to find so when you do find, figure out what motivates them, keep them happy and reward them for a work well done.


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4. Make an event planning checklist and review it often

Creating an event checklist helps keep the details in line. Carry a notebook to each meeting and take notes, and keep to house all of your notes. Being organized is one of the most crucial things you can do in event management. This way, you won’t forget the small stuff!


5. Ask for help to organize the event

Have as many staff as possible to run the event. Event planners are often territorial, but it’s much easier if you get the help of others during the event to handle some of the event details like organizing special transportation for guests, bartending, managing gift bags, setting up, and cleaning up after the event.


6. Have fun event planning

Take time to discover new products, get to know your clients and enjoy the performance of the event itself. The event management business can be very stressful, but also very rewarding. So have joy and learn from any errors you make so your next event is even more successful.

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