Hameer Zawawi, indie music concert at Counterspace
2018-06-09 18:30 | 2018-06-09 20:30
Java Creative Cafe | Phnom Penh
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Price Range USD 4,00
When and Where
2018-06-09 18:30 | 2018-06-09 20:30
Java Creative Cafe | Phnom Penh
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Event Description

Hameer Zawawi
A solo acoustic set
Saturday, 9 June, 2018
Counterspace Theater
At Java Creative Café Toul Tom Poung
53 Street 468

Doors open from 6:30pm
Produced by Joe Wrigley

Join us for a special night of original music by Hameer Zawawi at the Counterspace Theater!
Hameer Zawawi, a singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is an independent artist touring the world performing alternative folk songs. English-centric musical influences (Muse, Radiohead) course through Zawawi’s self-described ‘Indie Theatrical’ brand of original repertoire and the artist has been an instrumental figure in the emerging alternative Malaysian scene of the past five years. After touring his debut album ‘National Fantasy’ in London, Berlin and Los Angeles in 2017, Hameer launched his latest EP ‘Plug Out The Machines’ in New York City in October last year.

The endless and beautiful touring journey of this incredible artist has now brought him for the very first time to Cambodia. With a fluid and emotive voice evoking Jeff Buckley and erudite anglophile songwriting sensibility evoking Syd Barrett, Zawai has won over audiences worldwide. The highlight of Hammeer’s Cambodia tour will undoubtedly be his performance at the newly-unveiled Counterspace Theater in Phnom Penh - a specially curated show in a brand new Tuol Tum Poung performance space at Java Creative Cafe.