Khmer Puppet Shadow and Theater
2019-07-26 18:30 | 2019-12-29 19:30
National Library | Phnom Penh
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When and Where
2019-07-26 18:30 | 2019-12-29 19:30
National Library | Phnom Penh
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Come discover the different forms of Khmer traditionnal theater ! 

Adults : 12dollars
Children less than 13yo : 5 dollars

♦ Friday : Little Shadow Puppets + Big Shadow Puppets - On the list of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the Unesco

Step Father : 
A very smart man has a beautiful girl that the village boys have proposed to marry. The man imposes unfeasible conditions to exploit them without giving his daughter in marriage. One day, he meets a boy smarter than him ...

Reamker episode : Hanuman builds a bridge to Lanka :
After a reconnaissance operation in Lanka where he set fire to the palace of Krong Reap, Hanouman built a bridge on Rama's orders to take the monkey soldiers to Lanka to free Sita, wife of Rama. The construction of the bridge faces very great difficulties: each piece built collapses in the ocean. What is the cause?

♦ Saturday : Little Shadow Puppets + Lakhaon Khaol (Mask Theater)  

Two trappers :
Two trappers live in the same village. They always go together in the woods behind the village to set their trap for the animals. One day, one of them holds his trap at the foot of a tree and the other at the top of the tree. The next morning, a quadruped is trapped at the top of the tree. The two are arguing and a trial opens ...

Khmer Ramayana episode : Fight of Pinindrajit :
After losing all his sons, Krong Reap sends Pinunjit, one of his last generals to fight against Preah Leak, half-brother of Rama ...

♦ Sunday : Big Shadow Puppets + Yiké [musical comedy]

Khmer Ramayana episode : Krong Reap, King of Lanka, has lost his royal soothsayer
With the approach of war, Krong Reap consult Piphèk which is both his royal soothsayer and his own brother. He advises against waging war against Rama and returning his wife Sita, whom he has abducted for many years. Krong Reap gets angry and strikes him in front of all the mandarins of the royal court. Piphèk goes to the camp of Rama and puts all his science at his service.

The woman with a hole in her basket :

A fishing couple lives in great poverty. The husband is fishing and the woman follows him with a pierced basket from which the caught fish fall one after the other. In her big merchantman's boat, a woman tells her rich merchant husband that she had pity on the fisherman because in order to catch fish, he makes a lot of effort and his wife lets them fall through the hole in the basket. The rich merchant finds the fisherman's wife very beautiful. He accuses his wife of having views on this poor fisherman. He forces him to exchange his wife for his ...

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