Would I lie to you? LIVE
2019-01-16 19:00 | 2019-01-17 20:30
Java Creative Cafe | Phnom Penh
USD 5,00
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Price Range USD 5,00
When and Where
2019-01-16 19:00 | 2019-01-17 20:30
Java Creative Cafe | Phnom Penh
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Event Description

WOULD I LIE TO YOU? is a brand new and exciting collaboration between ‘Comedy in Cambodia’ and ‘Yes, and…’ improv group coming on Wednesday 16 January at Java Creative Café in Toul Tom Poung (#53 street 468).

Inspired by the popular BBC panel show of the same name which has been successfully entertaining millions since 2007, this is a show teeming with tall tales and tantalising truths.

“I once spent a night in jail for…”
“My childhood nickname was…”
“I used to share a house with…”

Come and see our six panellists taking turns to read intriguingly curious statements they have NEVER SEEN BEFORE, sometimes it’s a personal revelation, often it’s a total fabrication made up on the spot! And it’ll be up to the opposing team to sort the fact from the fiction. Whatever happens, it promises to be a fun mid-week evening of naked truths and well-dressed lies.

ALL profits will be donated to local charity EPIC ARTS CENTRE a non-profit school for disabled children in Kampot.

Look forward to seeing you there!