Shaping Digital Products
2024-06-06 18:00 | 2024-06-06 21:00
Cineteatro Constantino Nery / Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos | Matosinhos
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When and Where
2024-06-06 18:00 | 2024-06-06 21:00
Cineteatro Constantino Nery / Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos | Matosinhos
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Event Description

Join us for a wonderful evening at the theatre to learn about creating digital products!

Our speakers will share insights on product creation at top-tier companies like Google and Meta and the fintech and cybersecurity industries, covering everything from the initial concept to the final product.

Get your ticket and join us to explore how to:

  • Improve your product team's efficiency with Usability Heuristics 
  • Learn the art of humanizing tech interactions
  • Designing technology that prioritizes human needs with AI

 But wait, there's more:

  • Enjoy the smooth tunes of a jazz band while meeting with the community
  • Delicious catering from Mafaldas
  • Drinks after the event



Ilia Zuev
Senior interface designer at Devexperts

Usability Heuristics for Product Teams
Good design decisions are not coincidental nor subjunctive — they are built on a solid foundation. One of the concepts that stood the test of time is the set of 10 Usability Heuristics by Jakob Nielsen, created 30 years ago but still relevant for usability testing purposes. Understanding and applying this method will help product teams speak the same design language and boost their efficiency. Learn how to implement these principles to enhance your product's usability.

Bio: Certified in linguistics and intercultural communication, Ilya transitioned to design in 2010, focusing on web and UI design in 2016. He has worked for major retailers and smaller independent companies, including a science museum for kids and a digital agency. Since 2019, Ilya has been a UX/UI and interaction designer at Devexperts, an IT company providing financial solutions and complex trading products worldwide.

Marília Moita
Director of Research & Insights at Malwarebytes

Humanizing Tech through Design
In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, businesses face the daunting task of solving complex problems with increasingly sophisticated technologies. This often results in layering additional complexity onto already challenging processes, turning user interactions into a source of frustration and agony. But what if there's a way to humanize these interactions? In this talk, we'll discover how to apply design principles to break down complexity and create technology that truly serves its users.

Bio: Marilia Moita is an experienced Design and Research Leader with +15 years of experience in the tech industry. Marilia has worked across B2B SaaS and PaaS startups, scale-ups, and corporations. Her career spans various sectors including telecommunications, contact centers, public services, and most recently, cyber security. Throughout her diverse roles, Marilia has consistently focused on partnering with engineering, product and business disciplines to enhance user experience, product development, and service excellence while crafting and scaling the design practice.

Nuno Vargas
Digital Transformation and Design Leader. John S. Knight at Stanford - European Ambassador

Hello, I’m the Future. I arrived yesterday.
Let’s dive into the intersection of artificial intelligence, human-centered design, and the transformative power of technology. As AI continues to evolve and integrate into various facets of our lives, it's not just about anticipating the future—it's about recognizing that the future is already here, shaping our present in remarkable ways.

This presentation explores how AI can be harnessed to enhance human experiences, focusing on the importance of designing technology that prioritizes human needs, values, and emotions. We will discuss real-world examples of how AI is currently being applied to solve complex problems and improve quality of life, demonstrating that thoughtful, empathetic design is key to making these advancements meaningful and impactful.

Bio: Nuno Vargas is a Award-winning Design Leader, Digital and AI strategist with a focus on using technology to enhance our lives. Nuno has  lead and co-created digital projects all over the World, for clients like Meta (Facebook), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, The United Nations - UN, Gillette, Stanford University, Deutsche Welle or the Fraunhofer Institute. He was the first Portuguese to be chosen as John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, where he was a guest lecturer at the Graduate School of Education and a Design Thinking Coach at the – Stanford Institute of Design. Nuno is currently a John S. Knight - Stanford European Ambassador

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