Last2Ticket at Web Summit 2019 as a success case

By October 28, 2019 News

Last2Ticket at Web Summit 2019 as a success case

Last2Ticket, a portuguese SME that developed e-ticketing software as well as analytical and marketing tools to empower events, will be present as a success case in EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) stand on Web Summit 2019!

The constant hassle of trying to secure a seat on the events inspired Emília Catarina Simões, founder and CEO of Last2Ticket, to come up with a solution to make it easier for attendees to buy and manage e-tickets. “At the time I was studying for an MBA,” said Simões. “This idea eventually evolved into a business plan for a better digital ticketing system.”
It became clear, however, that the concept needed to be scaled up in order to work. “So, we started developing basic ticketing tools, and ended up with some really powerful software,” said Simões.

This has since been the focus of the business. “If you are an event organizer or company that wants to arrange an attraction and wants to sell tickets – you don’t need to create anything,” explained Simões. “You can integrate our software into your website. We also offer analytic and marketing tools that can help to increase sales.”

With a view to expanding abroad, Last2Ticket was presented to the Enterprise Europe Network at the 2016 Web Summit in Portugal. This has resulted in a close working relationship that has continued.
“Being part of the Network put us in touch with different companies and initiatives, and this has been amazing for us.” The Network also helped Last2Ticket draw up an internationalisation roadmap and secure funding for an SME Instrument project, the goal being to validate the company’s business model and market potential. “Having people using our solution in other countries is absolutely our ambition,” said Simões.

Last2Ticket’s solutions have already been used in over 3,000 of events on 5 continents, with over 1 million tickets sold since 2011.


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